We are a non-profit organization committed to boldly accelerating student potential.

Our staff, volunteers, and partners work together to provide the individualized supports that each student needs to be successful from elementary school all the way to the workforce.

Leveraging an equity-based model, data, and strong partnerships within the Education Continuum, shift_ed ensures evidenced-based supports reach students with the greatest need. We want students to see that anything is possible and find success in their diverse educational and career pathways.

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We believe strong partnerships drive community success. We partner within the Education Continuum to provide individualized supports beginning in elementary school that open diverse pathways to success at every level. Tutoring, career exposure, postsecondary planning, and scholarships are all part of shift_ed’s diverse support services.

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We are leaning into the innovation we’ve put into play during the pandemic and boldly collaborating in new ways that are imperative for our students and families and that will drive game-changing outcomes for our workforce. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates.

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Creating catalytic change for our students, future workforce, and community at large is up to all of us. We are on a bold path to raise a $70M endowment that will ensure impact for generations to come.


Working together in partnership, we are strengthening a Continuum of Educational Supports that boldly accelerates student potential, strengthens our workforce, and lifts our whole community. Here is a glimpse of the impact we’ve had.


They Persist_ed: 88% of the 2019-2020 freshman class continued their education in the 2020-2021 academic year, compared to the national average of 76%.


Reading Proficiency Increas_ed: 100% of students participating in the HELPS program said it helped them become a better reader. 94% of those learning in person improved their oral reading fluency.

Time Invest_ed: We spent more than 4,000 hours working one-on-one with Guilford County Schools’ students over the 2020-2021 school year in an effort to combat learning loss experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Being in a single parent household and in a pandemic, financially it’s been really hard, so receiving this scholarship has been such a blessing.

Victory Drumwright
Northeast Guilford Class of 2020