TaJuana Robinson

Carrington LeGrande


Northwoods Elementary in High Point gave Carrington LeGrande his first start in school. After that, his family moved to Atlanta then Rock Hill and finally Charlotte. He returned to Guilford County for college graduating from UNCG with a Bachelor in Religious Studies and working towards his Master of Elementary Education at NC A&T.

Not ready to leave the classroom, he went to work in elementary education teaching first kindergartners and then every grade up to 5th. “The joy in that is I was able to teach my first set of kindergarten babies when they became 5th graders,” he recalls.

An avid reader, you will often see his nose in non-fiction — religion, philosophy, African American Studies — deep thinking books that he admits he rarely finishes but picks up for motivation and inspiration.  LeGrande does have a playful side; he loves his PS4 and all things Lion King – just ask him about his tattoos.   

LeGrande’s passion for education runs deep. “The oldest of three it was tough for me to find my way,” he says. “I remember every teacher I had at Northwoods Elementary. Each one of them made me feel special, safe and taught me. I want students to feel like they matter, they exist and are valued, not just as a mind or an athlete, but as an individual.” 

The teacher/mentor is excited to be a part of the SEO Scholars Guilford County team. “It offers a chance to do education another way. shift ed will challenge me to think, act, and move in a way that is refreshing and new, yet bold.

Email: carrington@shift-ed.org