High Point will always hold a place in Alice Moore’s heart. The Say Yes Guilford Board Chair made her career working for the city, and she’s making her retirement about helping its children. “I saw the struggles that many of the children in High Point have, struggles that could prevent them from being successful in school.”

From the very beginning, Moore saw the potential in Say Yes Guilford. She could see the opportunities it opened to students all over the county, and she shares the news every chance she gets. “We are having a huge impact on the lives of children and their families. Education can open so many doors, so much potential; and Say Yes connects students and families to the services to help them get that education.”

Moore does more than talk; she gives her time, talent and treasure to Say Yes Guilford. She serves on the board, volunteers as a tutor and donates to the scholarship fund. “I am underwriting Say Yes Scholarships for 2020 graduating seniors at High Point Central and Penn Griffin,” she says, noting that her gift is an investment in the future.

“I’m not a rich person,” Moore says with a chuckle. “I want others to realize that they can have an equally huge impact even with just a little money.” And supporting Say Yes Guilford also fills Moore’s bucket. “I’m giving these kids a chance which they might not have otherwise; and that’s a great feeling.”