Have you been enjoying Say Yes Guilford’s new Alumni for Education blog series? We are taking this series one step forward. Our Alumni for Education podcast series will feature education advocates from all different backgrounds, and we begin with some pretty amazing athletes. For anyone who has a kid who loves sports you know how much your child idolizes certain competitors. While they may look up to these superstars for their talent on the field and the basketball court, there’s another reason to look up to these gifted men and women: they realize how important a good education is to a successful future.

Our inagural podcast features Miami Heat’s  Center/Power Forward Bam Adebayo, who recently competed in the NBA Playoffs. Although team was swept out of the postseason by their biggest rival, Adebayo has had one heck of a career. Today this successful athlete is here to share with you, our listeners, just how important a good education is to any successful career – even one as a famous athlete. 

Thank you for joining Say Yes Guilford on our latest adventure. If you are a successful Guilford County alumnus or know of someone that we should feature on this podcast please contact us today at info@sayyesguilford.org.