On July 30, you should have received an email from Say Yes Guilford indicating that Say Yes Guilford has switched to a new scholarship management platform, and we need you to make sure your registration is complete in our new system. The new scholarship portal will allow you to view your scholarship award, enrollment information and more. Students must complete their application in the new portal as soon as possible.

Guilford County Schools’ graduates should visit https://sy-guilford.force.com/Student/s/login/SelfRegister to register in our new system.  The process takes less than 5 minutes, and ensures Say Yes Guilford can communicate with your current school about possible scholarship awards. Failure to complete this step by September 15will jeopardize your potential scholarship eligibility if not completed by the listed date . If you have any questions, please reference this video. If you encounter any problems, you may email scholarship@sayyesguilford.org.

Say Yes Guilford is excited to help you reach your college and career goals. Please take a few minutes to complete your application and indicate the school where you are currently enrolled. If you have more questions about scholarship eligibility, please visit www.shift-ed.org/studentsandparents/#scholarships.