Teaching is a family tradition for Virginia Hufschmitt. “My grandma taught middle school Spanish. My mom taught 3rd through 5th grade,” and now she hopes to follow in their footsteps.

Greensboro College is another tradition for the family. “My grandma went there to get her degree for teaching. My mom went there to get her degree for teaching. My dad went there. My godparents went there. My cousin was there, so its’ kind of like I was already there.” Hufschmitt admits there was really no other school on her radar. “It was the only place I applied,” she says.

Hufschmitt and her parents had a deal: she would be responsible for the cost of tuition, and they would cover the rest.  A Say Yes Guilford scholarship helped her keep up her side of the bargain. “It really, really helped out. It helped cover the last of what my actual tuition was. It was the last little puzzle piece,” she recalls.

The Southeast graduate is now a freshman at Greensboro College, working on that education degree and dreaming of one day returning to Guilford County Schools at the front of the class. “It just feels right,” she says. You might say it was meant to be.