Three women under one roof. Lots of laughs, lots of shopping, just a little drama. “Sometimes there were difficulties, but we also had so much fun,” recalls Victory Drumwright.

A Guilford County Schools student from the very start, Drumwright moved around a little growing up, following her mom from Bluford, later to Andrews and finally to Northeast Guilford. The daughter of a teacher always knew school came first. “Education is extremely important to us. She’s always told me that she wants me to make sure I do my best.”

Doing her best meant persisting in the face of challenges. “In high school, I struggled really bad with my acne, so my mom took me to a dermatologist,” Drumwright says. “Not only did she repair my skin, but she repaired my confidence too. That really inspired me to be an outlet like that to others.” Majoring in biology, she plans to become a dermatologist too.

With two years at UNCG under her belt, and a lot more to go, Drumwright is grateful for every bit of support she gets. She’s one of more than 650 GCS graduates continuing her education with shift_ed support. “Being in a single parent household and in a pandemic, financially it’s been really hard, so receiving this scholarship has been such a blessing to ease some of the burden of being in college, helping me pay tuition and books. It’s helped me in so many different ways.”

The last two years haven’t been easy, but Drumwright is focused on her goal, and knows her family’s got her back. “We will always be close. We love each other so much. That’s just how we were raised.”