Have you been enjoying Say Yes Guilford’s new Alumni for Education blog series? We are taking this education story series one step forward with the Alumni for Education podcast. This series features alumni from all different backgrounds, and we will begin with some pretty amazing athletes. Many are superstars on the field and the court, and they all realize how important a good education is to a successful future.

Our first episode featured Miami Heat’s center/power forward Bam Adebayo, who was also the first Heat player to win a Gold Medal since LeBron James in 2012. Our latest episode spotlights the ultimate college athlete who is currently Virginia Tech’s number one wide receiver. William Lee Turner III “Tre”, who is also the son of Say Yes Guilford’s fearless leader Wendy Poteat, grew up in Greensboro and attended high school at Northwest Guilford. On this episode of our Alumni for Education podcast, Turner shares how an early education led him to a love for athletics, and how a college education is key to seeing both his and your dreams come true.


Thank you for joining Say Yes Guilford on our latest adventure. If you are a successful Guilford County alumnus or know of someone we should feature on this podcast please contact us today at info@sayyesguilford.org.